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Teaching Diversity    

To celebrate diversity and pave the way for the future, UWG’s very own, Eugenia meet with students at her son’s school to teach them about diversity training. Read more below […]

“Real Talk:” Setting a Precedent for Authentic Advertising with the U.S. Marine Corps

In celebration of Black History Month, we’re placing a spotlight on UWG’s groundbreaking campaign for the United States Marine Corps, “Real Talk.” Launched in 2008, the campaign addressed a previous […]

The Future is Now: Top 10 Advertising & Media Trends for 2017

From content to consumers, we here at UWG are always contemplating what’s next. As multicultural communication specialists, we tend to view the world through a UniCultural lens that positions our […]

SummerStage 2016 Video Series

  This summer we worked with one of our favorite New York City organizations: The City Parks Foundation and their annual live events platform SummerStage. In a series of videos, […]

Make a Difference in Haiti this Giving Tuesday

Haiti’s contribution to the world is undeniable. From art to agriculture to a template for successful rebellion replicated throughout the Americas, the nation of Haiti was born of strength and […]

LGBTQ Marketing 101

An introduction to the LGBTQ segment and why authenticity in communication is key October 11, 2016, marks the 28th anniversary of National Coming Out Day, a day of solidarity honoring […]

The Undefeated

Each year, UWG works with a wide variety of media partners to help our clients reach their target audience in impactful ways.  We pride ourselves on selecting amazing partners that […]


As creators, we have a responsibility to develop an artistic response that might resonate with our followers.

Celebrating Black Music Month

This past winter, we produced a journey series with Amtrak and Carolyn Malachi, chronicling her train trip from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, G.A. to participate in The Curators of Hip […]

AHAA Celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary

“AHAA 20/20: The Future in Focus,” the title of this year’s conference, was a wink at the organization completing its second decade. While the conference over the past couple of […]


2016 Advertising Research Foundation Re!think conference

UWG and The Futures Company led a discussion at the 2016 Advertising Research Foundation’s Re!think Conference. The theme of the conversation was “How multicultural insights drive relevant marketing communications.” Peter […]


Uniculture and the Oscars

When I was a young film student, I watched the Oscars religiously. I dreamed about the day that I would be up on that stage, in front of tens of […]