For the past 10 years, industry thought leaders have joined together to discuss the benefits of Out-Of-Home advertising: all digital displays and billboards. Insights have never been more valuable than in the current mobile data-driven landscape. In crafting OOH medium, it’s key to consider the connection between people, places and the paths they take. Reaching the right audience on their journey is key to allowing the OOH content to reach its maximum performance.

On Wednesday in TriBeCa, UWG’s Executive Creative Director Jarek Carethers sat on a panel at the Out-Of-Home NOW Conference with Katy Hornaday, Executive Creative Director, Barkley, Mike Pierantozzi Executive Creative Director, McKinney NY and Joao Unzer, Associate Creative Director, BBDO to talk about how the emergence of data and need for speed to market, impact creative in the OOH space. Carethers was selected as one of the most innovative creatives to lead the discussion about how they’re capitalizing on these opportunities in 2017. Of OOH content, Carethers said, “Great OOH home lives in your space and connects to you immediately and ‘it’s relevant in your physical space right now.”

During the panel, Carethers discussed his work on the Ford campaign and the decisions that he and his team made based off of data. “We knew the top four nameplates in our market, so we created different communications for each one,” he explains of the visuals. “This was a test so we were using the same image. If we used more messaging the background would have to change so people wouldn’t tune it out.”

At the end of the day Carethers had one central message: to use more data. “Our home is becoming more and more digital,” he explains. “We’re realizing people are okay with sharing their information as long as they’re in control of what we’re sharing.”