2016 Advertising Research Foundation Re!think conference

UWG and The Futures Company led a discussion at the 2016 Advertising Research Foundation’s Re!think Conference. The theme of the conversation was “How multicultural insights drive relevant marketing communications.” Peter Brown (USMC Account Director, UWG) and Jeff Yang (SVP of Consulting Services, The Futures Company) joined me to take the lunch crowd through “A Warrior’s Education,” a multi-platform Asian-American targeted United States Marine Corps recruiting campaign. We explained how the insights from our white paper “Both Head and Heart” applied to the decisions in casting and messaging that were made to achieve authentic communication for the target segment. Our team also discussed how to recognize and apply the ideas from the paper to a number of additional marketing scenarios.

Uniculture and the Oscars

When I was a young film student, I watched the Oscars religiously. I dreamed about the day that I would be up on that stage, in front of tens of millions, accepting that golden statue for my contribution to America’s artistic cinematic legacy.

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