To celebrate diversity and pave the way for the future, UWG’s very own, Eugenia meet with students at her son’s school to teach them about diversity training. Read more below for her takeaway, favorite moments and why teaching about UniCulture from an early age is crucial. 

The most important takeaway that I wanted the kids to get from the training is that diversity is when people are both different and the same. Using white eggs and brown eggs the kids were able to see that although people may look different on the outside; we are all the same on the inside. We may be suited differently, but we are all the same race, the human race.

It was truly beautiful when the kids, without me coaching them, were able to articulate that fact on their own. There are some pretty smart 5-year-olds out there, and we owe them our best efforts in making this world a better place.

Diversity training is critical because kids must be prepared for the global world that they are inheriting. A major part of that preparation is empowering them to consciously consider others, especially those that may look different or embrace different cultural norms.